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Vladimira (25 years) - Czech republic

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name: Vladimira
date of birth: 25. 11. 1982
zodiac: Sagittarius
eyes: Blue
hair: Light
height: 171
lang`s: English
occupation: media, advertisement and graphics
interests: Music, Film, Astrology, Cooking, Art, Nature, Computers, Reading, Travel, Household, Romantic dinners, Shopping, Fashion, Hiking, Social games, Languages, Photography, Meeting friends, Culture
about me: I am very friendly,nice and sensitive person with a sense of humour.I like meeting new people,visiting new places and geting known new cultures.I love traveling-it is for me a way of life.I am interested in fashion,living style and cooking.I am very sociable and like company.I often listen to music and I am ambitious in my working life. Ich bin eine nette,schone und empfindliche Frau mit Sinn fur Humor.Ich mag neue Leute treffen,neue Platze besuchen und neue Kulturen erkennen.Ich liebe reisen-es ist fur mich das Lebensstyl.Ich interessiere mich fuer Mode,Lebensstyl und Kochen.Ich mag Leute und verbringe viel Zeit mit Freunden und Freundinnen.Ich hore oft Musik und mag meine Arbeit.

Location Str(edoc(eský
central Bohemia, north-central Czech Republic. Prague is the capital, the best known city providing many excemplary cultural opportunities for its residents and many visitors. The south features the nature lovers Stredoceska highlands.


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