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Pavla (42 years) - Czech republic

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name: Pavla
date of birth: 22. 06. 1965
zodiac: Cancer
eyes: Green
hair: Blonde
height: 175
lang`s: German
occupation: media, advertisement and graphics
interests: Music, Dancing, Party with friends, Art, Nature, Reading, Theater, Travel, Romantic dinners, Shopping, Fashion, Meeting friends, Culture, Squash, Cycling
about me: I am interested to meet a serious partner for a special and serious relationship full of love. Ich wurde sehr gerne einen schoenen Mann finden und mit ihm wunderschoenes Leben mit der Liebe haben.

Location Moravskoslezsk√Ĺ
The region is north-eastern Czech Republic, bordering Poland. The Hruby Jesnik mountains dominate this area and Ostrava is the main city. It is a very developed area with plenty of siteseeing and theatre for entertainment.


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