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Kateryna (24 years) - Czech republic

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name: Kateryna
date of birth: 23. 04. 1983
zodiac: Taurus
eyes: Brown
hair: Brown
height: 164
lang`s: English
occupation: personnel officer
interests: Music, Film, Dancing, Sport, Astrology, Animals, Cooking, Art, Nature, Religion, Television, Computers, Reading, Cars, Travel, Household, Gardening, Romantic dinners, Shopping, Fashion, Hiking, History, Social games, Languages, Photography, Meeting friends, Culture, Aerobic, Swimming, Squash, Cycling, Fitness, Ball games

Location Libereck√Ĺ
also known as Northern Bohemia, it is boundried to the north by Germany and Poland. The north is dominated by the Ore, Lusatian and Jizera mountains. Thermal and mineral spas abound for good health and camping, hiking are popular.


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