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name: Katerina
date of birth: 12. 05. 1985
zodiac: Taurus
eyes: Blue/Green
hair: Brown
height: 167
lang`s: English
occupation: education
interests: Music, Film, Dancing, Sport, Astrology, Animals, Cooking, Art, Nature, Religion, Reading, Travel, Romantic dinners, Shopping, Fashion, Hiking, History, Languages, Collecting, Photography, Culture, Swimming, Ski, Cycling, Skating
about me: I am a good looking, bright, imaginative, inquisitive, and very feminine young lady. I am gentle, caring, and fun to be around. A little feminine storm to jazz up your life ;-). I would like to find a caring, loving partner who is intelligent, witty, adventurous and has a great sense of humour.

Location Jihoc(esk√Ĺ
also known as Southern Bohemia, it borders Austria and Germany. The Sumava mountains dominate and fish-farming is prevalent. Ceske Budejovice is the second best known beer centre where Budvar-beer {Budweiser} originated.


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