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Gabriela (35 years) - Czech republic

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name: Gabriela
date of birth: 07. 11. 1972
zodiac: Scorpio
eyes: Blue/Green
hair: Blonde
height: 163
lang`s: English
occupation: commerce
interests: Music, Film, Dancing, Party with friends, Astrology, Animals, Computers, Reading, Gardening, Hiking, Languages, Photography, Meeting friends, Swimming, Cycling, Skating, Fitness
about me: I am tender and romantic woman with a sense of humour. I like reading, fitness, theatre and cinema. I also like to travel and see different places, particularly Paris.

Location Str(edoc(eský
central Bohemia, north-central Czech Republic. Prague is the capital, the best known city providing many excemplary cultural opportunities for its residents and many visitors. The south features the nature lovers Stredoceska highlands.


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